Probak Adhesive Foam

Self-adhesive format:

Our Probak has been used in the corrugated industry since 2001 and served its purpose extremely well, we have now embossed our Probak material to enhance its performance even further.

Probak is a unique product to Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd. Originally designed and developed by us in 2001 for use in the corrugated printing industry to reduce the height of the printing plate in order to minimize costs, Probak ensures printers achieve far better print results.

  •  Less dot gain
  •  Cleaner screen work
  •  Sharper relief whilst using the minimum amount of pressure and extending the life of the printing plates.
  •  The embossed surface creates less friction on the print cylinder which helps the plate carrier slide along the cylinder.
  •  Easier to reposition the plates for registration.
  •  Increases the response of the Probak.

Probak has a protective coating which is water and solvent resistant, prolonging the life of the foam giving optimum results.

The following thicknesses of Probak have a fine embossment. 0.8mm / 1.1mm / 1.25mm / 1.5mm.

fine emboss 1
fine emboss 2


The following thicknesses of Probak have a deeper embossment. 1.7mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 2.6mm / 3.0mm.

deep emboss 1
deep emboss 2