Company History


2019 will see our largest investment programme in the history of the company.

We are proud to announce the 1st stage of our investment programme “PPM has been completed and installed.

Pro Precision-Mount “PPM” has been specifically designed for Pro Shim Supplies UK enabling us to offer our customers the guarantee of accuracy and precision they require on our plate carriers, enabling us to offer even tighter tolerances than ever before.


2018 Marks the 20th anniversary of Pro Shim's founding.

We owe our success to continual development, innovation and our close relationships with customers and suppliers.

This year has seen us travel worldwide to support customers and seek out the latest technology thats puts Pro Shim at the leading edge of corrugated supply.


ProShim have developed the "Flexo Plate Laminator"

Designed specifically for laminating double sided tape to Flexo plates.

  • Working width: 1400mm (55”)
  • Movable table size: 1400mm x 2100mm (55” x 82.6”)
  • Speed 0-5 m/min
  • Winding shaft mounted on machine, opening on one side, 3inch, max roll ø350mm, 80kg
  • PLC control panel by Siemens
  • Table moves back to starting position automatically
  • Table with anti-stick coating
  • Orientation line (colour foam) on table
  • Led bar for pressure read out
  • Manual cross cutting unit

Patent granted to Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd for the Universal Extension Strip and New Slim Extension.


Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd invested in a second slitting and rewinding machine to ensure that we meet the increased demand in our product range.


Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd have redesigned their Probak foam with our unique diamond emboss to further enhance the performance of the product.

Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd have designed and developed the ultimate slim tension band system for corrugated printing machines. (Patent pending).


Pro Shim Supplies Uk Ltd launch the New Slim Universal Extension Section (Patent approved):

"Pro Shim Slim Universal Extension works on the same principal as the original but is designed to accommodate thinner printing plates and is suitable for all Corrugated print machines"

Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd are pleased to announce that we are officially approved Supplier/Agent of 3m Cushion Tapes

Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd purchase a second laminating machine to meet increased demand


Pro Shim Supplies Introduce Quick Drying Plate Sealer available exclusively to Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd

Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd are awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Standard

Pro Shim Supplies Team members gain their NVQs in Warehousing and Storage

The Pro Shim name gets an official Trademark


Pro Shim Supplies Team members gain their NVQs in Performing Manufacturing Operations

Pro Shim Supplies has now become approved Suppliers of Mitsubishi Polyester Films

Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd launch the Universal Extension Section (Patent Pending):

"Pro Shim Patented Universal Extension allows for the first time the possibility of transferring plate carriers between machines eliminating the need for re-mounting or purchasing additional stereos"

Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd move to larger premises to facilitate further expansion


Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd launch Patented Airflow Double Sided Tape:

"Special formulated adhesive combines an exceptionally high tack level with the ability to be re-positioned again and again."


Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd invest in slitting and re-winding machinery

Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd invest in a second warehouse to facilitate expansion


Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd invest in laminating machinery to enable bespoke onsite lamination


Pro Shim Supplies UK Ltd launch Patented Adhesive Liquid Polymer Base Film

"Pro Shim Patented Adhesive Liquid Polymer Base Film's specially formulated striped water and solvent resistant adhesive eliminated air bubbles to speed up the plate mounting process"


Pro Shim Supplies becomes a Limited Company

Pro Shim Supplies Uk ltd launch the first Magnetic Blanket into the Corrugated market


Pro Shim Supplies introduce Adhesive Probak (foam), unique to Pro Shim:

"Reducing the height of the printing plate in order to minimise costs, ensuring printers achieve far better print results".


Company Establishment

Pro Shim Supplies launch the first welded Plate Carrier into the Corrugated market